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Antifa, BLM, Occupy Wall Street, Et. Al. / Re: Riots
Last post by tomslick50 -
    Works into the lefts playbook of how to overthrow the social order,, go after the cops, everywhere, city govt,and college authorities (here in chgo when Milo Stephanopoulos wanted to talk to De Paul students) who  sympathise with the left,, overload the social system with non citizens, give them the vote,subvert  and nullify the power of native citizens,,Cloward Piven in Saul Alinsky;s rules for radicals.
get 'legal' support of leftism & their policies form sympathetic judicial appointees.
get the media on your side,colleges and universities have been at it for 40 years I looked for this figure,how many persons graduated from them,in ten cycles,,,LL i could find was percentages,,,,,, could not find that number.
 the left must be stopped, trump seems more inclined to act on it,,,,
Pictures / Re: Beautiful Pictures of the day
Last post by tomslick50 -
astounding architecture in amritsar, 3k years old?