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Picture upload
 How to upload photos.

1) Download the picture to your computer by right clicking and making the selection "save image as".
2) Use a reliable photo hosting to upload your photo. Follow their instructions.
3) Copy and then paste the photo hosting URL for your pix on your post. Use the one that says for forum use. You may post as many as 5 pix in a single post at ThinkRight.


Best photo hosting site with no bandwidth issues.


Most other US based photo hosting sites have bandwidth issues.

Photobucket is fine. (I use it).if you have a pro account(I do) for $3 bucks a month, otherwise don't use it. Your pix will eventually disappear. Tinypic use to be good until they were absorbed by photobucket. Now they also have bandwidth issues.
PLEASE DO NOT HOTLINK your Photos. Follow the instructions in this thread.

DO NOT HOTLINK your photos! Use a photo hosting site!!
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