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Russian Aviation News
Su-34 delivery

On October 16, UAC Russia announced that it had delivered a batch of 4 Sukhoi Su-34 to the Russian Air Force. These additional devices complete the endowment of 277 BAP from Khurba to Komsomolsk-na-Amour (Khabarovsk Oblast).

This is the second delivery of Su-34 for VKS in 2017 and this brings us to a total of 8 aircraft delivered since the beginning of the year. The previous 4 Su-34s also being delivered to 277 BAP Khurba. This delivery closes the re-equipment of the 277 BAP on Su-34 with 24 aircraft available forming two squadrons.

It took a little while, but the photos of the new devices were quickly posted on the Internet; the devices bear Bort numbers "30, 31, 32, 33 Red" in the logical sequence of previous 277 BAP devices.
The 2017 delivery plan for the NAPO plant indicates the delivery of 16 aircraft for the air force. As a result, there are still 8 aircraft to deliver in order to meet the annual targets. According to custom, the bulk of deliveries are made at the end of the year; the balance of the devices will soon be arriving soon.

The pictures of the 4 cameras indicate that they carry all the Khibiny pods at the end of the wings: it seems that this montage has become systematic on the devices that leave the factory. It is more than likely that eventually the entire fleet of Su-34 automatically this configuration.

It can also be noted that the Khibiny pods have been slightly modified with the assembly of lateral fins; this in order to reduce vibrations induced by the pods.

The Russian Air Force therefore has 99 Su-34 series and 8 prototypes, a total of 107 aircraft produced since the launch of the program in 1986.

With the completion of the transformation of 277 BAP arises the question of the next unit that will pass on Su-34. If it seems that the next squadron will be based in the west of the country, no basis has yet been announced. With 8 aircraft to be delivered this year and 16 of the 2018 delivery: two squadrons can be transformed on Su-34.

The Air Force units that are still equipped with Su-24M are:
37 Gvardeyskoye SAP with a squadron of Su-24M (SVP-24) and Su-24MR
11 Marinovka RAP with two squadrons of Su-24M and Su-24MR
4 Shatalovo RAE with a squadron of Su-24MR

One of these units is therefore the ideal candidate for the reception of the next batch of Su-34 unless the air force decides to form, initially, a 3rd squadron in Voronezh (47 BAP). Still, it will not take long to get the answer to this question.

However, the next Su-34 command that is regularly discussed will raise an interesting point; given the number of Su-24M / MRs to be replaced within the Air Force and within the Navy: any command for more than 50 Su-34 will de facto mean that some aircraft could join the Russian Navy.

Although the latter continues to rely on the Su-30SM as a versatile device and able to replace the Su-24M and Su-27P; the use of a tactical bomber capable of carrying a wide range of ammunition and capable of acting as a jamming platform would be more than relevant within the Russian Navy.

We will have ample opportunity to come back to it.

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