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  • Diego Cordero
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Ask a Question to the Admins
This thread is predominantly for new, inexperienced posters on Think Right. There will be one in each forum and the questions should relate to the overall topic of the forum in which it is located..

It is for true nubie or greenie questions that we do not want to clutter up our main threads with.

It is also for "off the wall," questions or suggestions, even from more experienced users on Think Right.

Our forum is very broad ranging and everyone cannot be experts on in one of the forums, if you have a legitimate question you have been afraid or embarrassed to ask...this is where you can do it.

As moderators see questions that may fit into these categories on other threads...they may well move them here to try and keep our more serious threads as professional as possible.

Be patient. Longer time members will watch these threads as will moderators...but it may take us a whole to get to some of these questions.

So...with that...carryon!
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Re: Ask a Question to the Admins
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ehh diego porque le suspendieron alli en facciolivro?
quien es el metiche?
el cabron de mierda