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2nd Amendment

Do you know why I said that? I will tell you. It's because you can't face neither the facts nor the truth. You tell us we are the ones being un reasonable, who wan't dead children, who don't care about the carnage and accuse us of trying to compensate or being paranoid. Truth is we have tried it your way. We have compromised time and time again and the end result was not a reduction in crime but in the rights of the law abiding.
Would you like a short history lesson? Coarse you wouldn't but your going to get it anyways.

1934 it became illegal to own a sawed off(that means barrel cut down or off) shotgun, fully automatic(that means machine gun), and suppressor(no they don't make a gun go phew phew phew like in the movies) without first paying a very expensive tax then going through a very lengthy process.
Why was this done? Because we just haadd to do something about all the criminals going around and shooting the country up.
Never mind the fact that those guns where as a rule stolen, it didn't do jack sh$t in stopping things.

1969 We decided the best way to combat a rising crime rate was to make it illegal for a felon to own a gun.
It worked so well that not only did murder continue to rise, we created a new industry, black market firearms.

1993 The Brady Bill, since being a Felon wasn't enough to stop a Felon from getting a gun we thought we could make another law and instant check that would stop the bad guys from getting guns. It's worked so well, just ask people in places like Chicago. Oh sure, they like to talk about all the people who where blocked from buying a gun as a success. Never mind the fact that a good chunk where people who simply shared a name with a criminal, and outright mistakes. Not like you can't get a gun just as easy on the street anyways.

This isn't even everything. Not even the local and state laws across the country which have made ownership of certain firearms illegal, require registration as an owner, registering weapons and a host of other stupid sh$T that hasn't done a damn thing. But this is un Constitutional in your world because guns are bad and we gotta' do something right?

Truth is we have tried doing 'something' that something has been the a slow and gradual Euthanasia of the 2nd Amendment. It hasn't worked.
Nor will it. How should I put this? It's like trying to fix problems in the housing/construction industry by regulating the use and or ownership of saws and hammers. Going after the tools used doesn't fix the problem know does it? Your not going after the people misusing the tools.

Instead of talking about more gun laws and demanding we the law abiding submit to even more un Constitutional erosion of our rights how about you worry less about 'Social Justice' and stop letting people out of jail after serving a fraction of their sentence? I know this is going to be hard for you, but there are some people who should not be out on the street. Some people are a danger to society. That means you can't dope the crazy out of them, or they are dangerous criminals. THEY WILL FIND A WAY TO EITHER COMMIT CRIMES AND OR KILL PEOPLE. You may think your little laws make it harder for them to get a gun, but in reality all you are doing is making it harder for the law abiding to defend themselves.

Got that? No matter what laws you make criminals and crazies won't obey them. If you weren't cowards you'd get this. But since you are(cowards) you will never in a million years understand this simple piece of logic. I'll explain it to you very simply, you are your own first responder. DO you honestly think the Cops will get their in time to save yours and your loved ones a$$es? Do you think there will be a cop around if your minding your business one night and some thug and his boys decide they want to have a little 'party' with your wife, girlfriend or daughter? It may be rare, but that don't mean much when your the one having to deal with it, know does it?

What does matter is that rarely do the people who do these crimes NOT have convictions for MULTIPLE VIOLENT OR WEAPONS offenses. While you scream about guns being bad and needing more laws you have no issue letting the people out of Prison EARLY who mis use them. Can't have it both ways, not only does that make you a coward it makes you a hypocrite. You want to do something about 'gun violence'? Pull your head out your a$$, grow a pair, and push for punishing criminals, locking up crazies and leave the law abiding gun owners the hell alone!
The only problem with the world is that the idiots are cocksure and intelligent are doubtful.