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Red State Revolt
The Red-State Revolt Spreads to Oklahoma
The Atlantic - Russell Berman

Officials in both parties attribute the Democrats' run in part to the party's motivation to fight back in the Trump era, scandals that have forced Republican legislators to resign, and the low-turnout quirkiness of special elections. But the overriding factor is likely a budget crisis that has starved funding for Oklahoma's schools, resulting in a teacher shortage and prompting more than one-quarter of the state's districts to hold classes only four days a week.

"The people are just not happy," former Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating, a Republican, told me in a phone interview. "Government appears dysfunctional, and government officials appear unwilling to solve the problems of the state and the nation. And there will be hell to pay."

Oklahoma Democrats view the situation as evidence of a fundamental failure on the part of Republicans who spent years railing against government spending and blaming the state's fiscal woes on a federal government led by Barack Obama, whose unpopularity in the state made his administration an effective foil. "They can't blame it on Obama anymore, so they have no choice but to take responsibility for the failures across the board in Oklahoma," said State Senator John Sparks, the Democratic leader.
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