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Media Against Trump
Despicable People

Derek Hunter
Posted: Oct 22, 2017 12:01 AM


Just when you thought liberals had sunk as low as they could, they break out the shovel and start digging.

Nothing is sacred anymore. Nothing is off limits, and everything is political. This week showed us once again there is nothing Democrats won't exploit, no grave they won't dance on, if they think they can score political points. And there's nothing "journalists" won't spin, won't lie about, and no hypocrisy too great to prevent them from smearing their political opponents.

The sad deaths of four soldiers in an ambush in Niger normally would not be a political football, but these times are anything but normal.

In the past week, a media narrative developed about how President Trump hadn't spoken publicly about the deaths of the men at the hands of an ISIS affiliate group. This didn't happen by accident, it happened suddenly and from multiple media outlets and "journalists," as if it were coordinated.

"Why hasn't Trump said anything about this?" they asked.

Of course, the White House had spoken about it the day after it happened, but since it came from the president's spokeswoman and not him directly, this fact was ignored. Presidents don't speak about every death in battle and never have, but this one was manufactured to be different. It was going to be "Trump's Benghazi," or so the media hoped.

But there were no warnings ignored, like in Benghazi. There was no 13-hour delay in sending aid. There was no blaming of an Internet video to cover up the failure of the administration to act, and no one was sent to prison for a year to aid in the re-election of the president. The only similarity with Benghazi is the body count.

But liberals never let the facts get in the way of a good story, and since they control the media there is no reason to. Human decency used to be what held back their darker impulses, but they are no longer burdened by such constraints.

When clownish Florida Congresswoman Frederica Wilson (D), accused the president of callousness in his condolence call to the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson, it was a new low for a party setting new lows at a record pace.

Calls from a president are not spontaneous. Staff calls and sets up a time convenient for both. So that Wilson was there was not a coincidence, it was planned. It was going to be a painful call to receive, as every condolence call is soon after losing a loved one. That the Johnson family was upset after it was not surprising; what was is how Wilson marched right to a receptive media to spin their grief into a political knife.

Wilson's actions were despicable, as was the media's adopting of her word as gospel and her tactics. Basic human decency was torched when the president's response was portrayed as "an attack on a Gold Star family" and not what it was - a refutation of a partisan attack by an activist Democrat and media.

President Trump never has been critical of Johnson's widow. He's been critical of Wilson and her fellow travelers in journalism. But you'd never know that if you watched CNN or MSNBC. They are lying to their audience because, well, that's what they do.

The only problem with the world is that the idiots are cocksure and intelligent are doubtful.

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Re: Media Against Trump
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Media Suddenly In Love With 'Dubya' After He Attacks Trump
The president that mainstream journalists loved to hate for eight years is all of a sudden their favorite guy

by Margaret Menge
Updated 20 Oct 2017 at 8:56 PM


What happened to the president they once reviled?

Mainstream media journalists are all of a sudden anxious to give the words of former President George W. Bush a full airing, and to refer to them in the most complimentary way.

Bush, wrote The Washington Post, had offered a "blunt assessment" in his speech in New York on Thursday and "warned about threats to American democracy."

*snip video*

NBC News said that Bush had spoken with a "sharper edge," delivering a "clear condemnation of the current president without mentioning him by name."

But the millions of Americans who thumbed their noses at Establishment Republicans and the media, rejected Bush's brother Jeb absolutely, and voted for outsider Donald J. Trump for president last November, might have heard Bush's words differently.

Bush had started by saying democracies "face new and serious threats" but "seem to be losing confidence in their own calling and competence."

He went on to mourn an earlier era, the post-World War II era, when America, he said, benefited from the "advance of free markets" and the "strength of democratic alliances."

"Free nations are less likely to threaten and fight each other," he told the audience. "We know, deep down, that repression is not the wave of the future. We know that the desire for freedom is not confined to, or owned by, any culture; it is the inborn hope of our humanity."

He went on to say that America is not "immune" from trends that include "resurgent ethno-nationalism" and "anger about immigration."

But the most-played clips on television on Thursday night and Friday were of Bush saying: "Bigotry seems emboldened" and "We've seen nationalism distorted into nativism" and have "forgotten the dynamism that immigration has always brought to America."

Another media favorite was this one: "Our politics seems more vulnerable to conspiracy theories and outright fabrication."

The former president, the most recent star player in a family with close ties to Saudi Arabia, the number-one sponsor of Sunni extremist terrorism in the world -- also jumped on the bandwagon on Russia, called the formerly communist country a "hostile power" that is trying to turn Americans against one another.

Republicans were not amused.

"Wish I had never campaigned for this president. Have lost all respect for him and the family," wrote one woman on Facebook on Friday, above a news article about Bush's speech.

"George W. Bush gave us a phony war, crashed the economy and covered up the Saudi role in 9/11 -- has no right to criticize," legendary politico Roger Stone tweeted on Friday morning.

The only problem with the world is that the idiots are cocksure and intelligent are doubtful.

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Re: Media Against Trump
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Trump's A Big Mouth; Journalists Are Villains

PJ Media
By Andrew Klavan
October 21, 2017

As Trump-loving readers of this blog have frequently complained, I am not always a fan of Donald Trump's personal style. I don't like bullies and I prefer a president who thinks before he opens his mouth. I do, on the other hand, very much like many of the things Trump has accomplished: the great judicial nominations, the taming of the regulatory state, the restoration of the rule of law at the border, leaving the silly Paris accord, the annihilation of ISIS, the attempts to hurry the implosion of Obamacare by suspending utterly illegal payments to insurance companies, calling out the NFL on its lack of patriotism, and calling out the media on a leftward bias that now amounts to simple malfeasance and corruption. That's an awful lot of good stuff, and it surely makes up for the big mouthery.

Aside from a few stupid remarks that seemed to show a lack of respect for the First Amendment -- remarks that have so far not been followed up by any bad actions -- I can't think of one instance in which Trump has behaved in a way that endangers the norms of American governance. He hasn't misused the IRS like Barack Obama did, or corrupted the Justice Department like Obama did, or made illegal payouts to insurance companies like Obama did, or extended the power of regulatory agencies until they became a threat to constitutional democracy like Obama did, or lied to the people about health care or Benghazi like Obama did, or behaved so autocratically and unconstitutionally that he lost more cases before the Supreme Court than any other modern president like Obama did. In fact, Trump has been incredibly transparent with the public and has generally thrown legislative decisions to Congress -- where they belong.

The press, on the other hand, in their seething hatred of Trump and the people he represents, and in their likewise seething bitterness at the loss of the election, have transformed themselves into the mustache-twirling villains of American society. If they could see themselves as they are, they would be ashamed, but because they all agree with one another, they are invisible to themselves.

The only problem with the world is that the idiots are cocksure and intelligent are doubtful.

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Re: Media Against Trump
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Lessons in Swamp Maneuvers: Trump -vs- Clinton -vs- Mueller -vs- Sessions -vs- Rosenstein -vs- Comey, etc.

Conservative TreeHouse
by sundance
Posted on October 27, 2017

The leak from a sealed grand jury indictment within the special counsel Robert Mueller investigation, writ large, has everyone a-twitter... Perhaps, a reminder is in order.

First lesson from the DC Swamp - Everything is about politics. It's not about the law; it's not about the judiciary; it's not about what's legal, or the illegality of behavior; only politics. These are not legal issues, the entities involved are not connected to legal or illegal application of laws as they relate to the rest of American society.

You cannot view the current action through the transactional prism of modern judicial proceedings as they relate to you and me. These are political cases, that use the venue of the legal system. They use the legal system to play out the optics and narrative of political battles for ideological wins and losses.

The closest reminder you might have familiarity with would be the case against George Zimmerman (never about the legal system); or the case against officer Darren Wilson; again it was never about the legal system. Those were political cases run through the matrix of the legal system. So too is this entire DC partisan dysfunctional investigative construct -surrounding all of the current DC cases- not about the application of law, it is about politics. Period.

The notification from the FBI through the DOJ to allow the unknown 2010 FBI witness to testify to congress about the Uranium One investigation has initiated a responsive action from Robert Mueller to save and use his political leverage. This is not about laws broken; this is about political leverage to be retained.

The gamesmanship currently being pitched through the media is about political leverage. That leverage in DC is traded like baseball cards amid the upper tier of those who float in an entirely divergent orbit from everyone else.

Repeat: this is not about law. It's about politics.

If Mueller waited any longer to construct his political cases against those he is investigating he would open himself up to scrutiny from within his attachment to the Uranium One deal.

If the mystery FBI witness testified to congress before Mueller announced an indictment it would look like Mueller was retaliating against that testimony. So Mueller plays the hand he's carrying.

Now, by going first, regardless of the testimony from the FBI witness, any negative outcome therein would look like retaliation against him for indictments announced prior to the testimony.

See how that works?

Remember, this is not about laws, lawfulness, or the judicial system. These participants operate above that system. They are in a political system above the law; they use the landscape of the judicial system to advance politics. Pause and repeat as needed.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is simply attempting to retain his leverage within the game. Going first allows him to keep and use that leverage. If Mueller had waited he would have lost that leverage.

The only problem with the world is that the idiots are cocksure and intelligent are doubtful.

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Re: Media Against Trump
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Newspaper 'Accidentally' Publishes Picture Of Trump With Hitler Mustache

Mistakes happen, right? At least that's what one Ohio newspaper -- The Wapakoneta Daily News -- wants you to believe.

Readers of their Monday edition were greeted with a picture on its front page showing President Trump with a "Hitler mustached." Well, at least it looks that way to many people. Here's the photo:

That's no mistake, notwithstanding this lame excuse the newspaper published:

"The Wapakoneta Daily News regrets the image of President Donald Trump published on Page 1A of Monday's newspaper. While we edit photos on a daily basis, this particular photo was edited in a sloppy manner to make it appear the president had a mustache.The Wapakoneta Daily News would never intentionally insult our president in any manner. It was an unfortunate incident which we continue to investigate and we offer our apologies to our readers."

The only problem with the world is that the idiots are cocksure and intelligent are doubtful.