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Forty-four-year-old Reza Aslan has devoted his life to studying the religions of the world, but didn't need long to come to an eye-opening realization: All of these religions are essentially saying the same thing, albeit using different languages, metaphors and symbols to do it. However, if this is true, then why are so many religions and religious people adamant that there's only one true path the faithful should follow? Aslan answers this question on OWN's "SuperSoul Sunday."
"They confuse the path for the destination," he says. "They think that religion and faith are the same thing."
As Aslan explains, there's a crucial difference between religion and faith that people overlook all too often.
"Faith is personal and mysterious and individualistic and inexpressible and indefinable. Religion is merely the language that you can use to express what is fundamentally inexpressible, to define what is undefinable," he says.
So, Aslan continues, subscribing to a particular religion need not be such a focal point.

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Defence secretary Gavin Williamson accused Russia of "ripping up the international rule book" through a series of actions aimed at subverting countries around the world, including attacks such as the one in Salisbury.
Williamson said Russia followed up such actions by using social media to muddy the waters.
The defence secretary used his first keynote speech since taking the post to warn of a growing threat posed by Russia and to make the case for increased UK defence spending.
He said Russia, at a time when its economy is under pressure, is still prioritising military expenditure, investing in long-range surface to air missiles, T-90 tanks, advanced submarines, long-range ballistic missiles , a new range of strategic bombers and new nuclear systems.
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"What is also clear is that the Kremlin is ripping up the international rule book, using its growing hybrid capabilities to subvert, undermine, and influence countries around the world," he said.
"Its cyber operations are active and brazen. It uses social media to muddy the waters and spread confusion. Last year Russia's military intelligence organisation directed the NotPetya ransomware activity, overwhelming systems in Ukraine from its power grid to its postal service and and causing hundreds of millions of pounds of damage to companies around the world including here in the UK."Williamson, who was speaking at Rolls-Royce in Bristol, added: "But Russia is capable of much more. It is already increasingly using proxies to undermine sovereign states. Its involvement in the Ukraine conflict has cost thousands of lives."
In Syria, he said, there is a humanitarian crisis in which Russia is using private military companies to reduce their liability.

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Like the United States Constitution, the Florida Constitution is a fundamental document that should stand the test of time.  In Florida, the Constitution Revision Commission (CRC) convenes every 20 years, having the unique power to review proposals to be added to the ballot for Florida voters to consider as amendments to our state's constitution.
The 2018 CRC recently held a public hearing, where I had the opportunity to speak to the members on behalf of Keep Our Constitution Clean, a group of concerned businesses and Floridians who are urging the Commission to exercise restraint and reject proposals that detract from the Florida Constitution's purpose.A state's constitution should govern with broad, general concepts, avoiding specifics and micromanagement as to not ruin its special status as a fundamental document.  A constitution is like the foundation of a house and statutes are like the exterior and finishes built upon that foundation. The exterior and other finishes can be changed as situations or society changes.  However, the foundation, the Florida Constitution, should only be altered when fundamental change is required. Our state's constitution is meant to withstand the test of time.  Yet, the Florida Constitution is becoming riddled with countless, ordinary laws and specifics of government policy and regulation, such as the confinement of pregnant pigs, that lessen its status.  The Florida Constitution is already nearly three times longer than the U.S. Constitution.

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Former Speaker of the House Tip O'Neill coined the saying, "All politics is local." Today, it is fair to say that all politics is personal and Americans, in their gut, are suffering from the tribal divisions growing in Washington and across the country.
According to a recent poll by the American Psychological Association, the future of the country is a significant source of anxiety for nearly two-thirds of Americans. Equally worrying is that more than half of those individuals consider today to be the lowest point in U.S. history in their memory, a figure "spanning every generation" from World War II to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.
We both served in Vietnam, saw the dissolution of the Soviet empire, and lived through significant cultural and political struggles facing the country. We were in public office when terrorists attacked our nation in 2001: One of us was U.S. Senate majority leader, and the other became the first Homeland Security secretary. We have seen Americans under extreme moments of stress, and it is vitally important that we recognize that our current divisions represent a tangible problem for the country. America is only as healthy as our citizenry. Our freedoms only as robust as those defending them.
We elect leaders to place country above party, address the most critical issues plaguing the nation and prevent future crisis from taking root. But Washington needs to face the facts: The political system itself is broken, wearing down too many leaders with endless fundraising demands and turning the job of elected representative into a never-ending campaign whose purpose is to vilify the other party. We used to have to arrange schedules around fundraisers for senators. It was considered the exception, and now it is the rule.

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Financial / Financial association soft search
I completed a mortgage DIP through TSB which is a soft search facility. I then downloaded my credit files to forward to my broker and me and the wife are now linked. I thought only hard searches could create financial links? Its not a problem but could of been had one of us had any bad history.

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