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Antifa, BLM, Occupy Wall Street, Et. Al. / Re: Riots
    Works into the lefts playbook of how to overthrow the social order,, go after the cops, everywhere, city govt,and college authorities (here in chgo when Milo Stephanopoulos wanted to talk to De Paul students) who  sympathise with the left,, overload the social system with non citizens, give them the vote,subvert  and nullify the power of native citizens,,Cloward Piven in Saul Alinsky;s rules for radicals.
get 'legal' support of leftism & their policies form sympathetic judicial appointees.
get the media on your side,colleges and universities have been at it for 40 years I looked for this figure,how many persons graduated from them,in ten cycles,,,LL i could find was percentages,,,,,, could not find that number.
 the left must be stopped, trump seems more inclined to act on it,,,,
Pictures / Re: Beautiful Pictures of the day
astounding architecture in amritsar, 3k years old?
American Politics / Re: Trump-Russia Dossier
easier to just post related info from the url,,,,,,, obama doj and deblasio suppressed nypd documents in muslim terror & how they prevented some 60 attacks since 9/11 2k1
Welcome New Members / Re: Ask a Question to the Admins
ehh diego porque le suspendieron alli en facciolivro?
quien es el metiche?
el cabron de mierda
International Politics / Re: Ukraine Civil War
item of 'news' off gazetaRU diego,
     'american expert john mccain says 'america is fomenting war in donbass,,'

mccain ehh? american expert?

putin needs to turn over al assad to some  someone's damn  tribunal of justice
for gassing deaths of a hundred people-------->  'If confirmed, the incident reported in the town of Khan Sheikhoun would be the deadliest chemical attack in Syria since sarin gas killed hundreds of civilians in Ghouta near Damascus in August 2013. Western states said the Syrian government was responsible for that attack. Damascus blamed rebels.The head of the health authority in rebel-held Idlib province said more than 50 people had been killed and 300 wounded in the latest incident. The Union of Medical Care Organizations, a coalition of international aid agencies that funds hospitals in Syria, said the death toll was at least 100,,.'<--------I
       Putin is building a base in the kuril islands also,story from THE DIPLOMAT

Trump Land / Re: Mueller Investigation
limbaugh fact chk,drive by mediacrats spent one thousand seconds on  trump/russian collusion ( still)
20 seconds on hillary/fbi/etcetc uranium gate
Air Force / Re: Best Fighter of World War II
neat post diego,it took a couple about  3 years   for our  factories to improve fighter effectiveness in battle via  experiences of veterans who worked with designers  on necessary  changes,what the enemy had, and build new  planes accordingly.
  At a minute into the history  channel you tube vid with aviator robert duncan,
he says about the hellcat        ',,,, with that armored bathtub around you in the cockpit,the layout of the controls,all within easy reach,you felt it was like sitting in your
 mothers lap.
American Politics / arizona mccain his record
mccain had his hide torn off by huffpo back in 2008--------------->

that was back when he opposed obama
that was then this is now,,right?
an easy call,if they destroy damage property,they get charged,& do a couple years in the clinker
Welcome New Members / Re: FINALLY

vilkommen,bienvenidos, vehrtrauen marine mannen und maidchen,
remember, vee schut gudt,and take survivors aboardt,und giff dem koko ,kaffe, und shnapps
American Politics / Re: Obama Care
9 gop in the senate who need all the leaning  & elephant weight of the right

Religion and Faith / Re: The left and Religion
dennis prager has repeated this about once a week for 30 years
leftism is the most dynamic religion of the past 100 years
I'd only add,,we now have a runner up,islam,leftists and  islamists agree on western religion its' heritage and traditions, public expressions ceremonies,along with the flag,all have to go,the islamists and the left are fellow travelers,
trouble is the left understands zilch that they will get eaten alive,and jihadi will enjoy their kids for dessert.
ladies young kiddies need dads, you,church on sunday  and correction,as needed
for 18 years,
colin powell had a visit with hu jin tau some years back,he showed the head of state
a satellite pic of seoul and the whole of n korea at night,in the south brilliant lights,
 cars buses,light from nightclubs,signs of civilization,the view over the north?
no lights just darkdarkdark.
 the chinese interest in this 3 centuries behind  stalinist deist regime?
a buffer at the  border,at the least  a sufficient vacuum which will not interfere with 
 their own social harmony. And,allowing the dynasty to have nuclear status as an offset to our presence and that of the south and the japanese.
korea has marvelous and spectacular  forests mountains lakes,streams.maybe the colonels around unh will see what needs to happen and make it happen.
Trump Land / Re: Mueller Investigation
i'd like to know that sessions has XX? arrest warrants on his desk,eric holder,hillary clinton wj clinton loretta lynch susan rice baraq obama,and joe biden,,muller comey
maybe also a few resignations from deep staters who assisted in spading over the evidence of corruption by the democrats. lord knows Trump has a full plate.
russian acquiescence in the use by Assad of sarin gas,iranian heezbullah in syria,
 our fleet in the s pacific, tax cuts,the wall & every democrat obstruction they can come up  with,sanctuary cities too .