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Russia ripping up the international rule book, says defence secretary

Defence secretary Gavin Williamson accused Russia of "ripping up the international rule book" through a series of actions aimed at subverting countries around the world, including attacks such as the one in Salisbury.
Williamson said Russia followed up such actions by using social media to muddy the waters.
The defence secretary used his first keynote speech since taking the post to warn of a growing threat posed by Russia and to make the case for increased UK defence spending.
He said Russia, at a time when its economy is under pressure, is still prioritising military expenditure, investing in long-range surface to air missiles, T-90 tanks, advanced submarines, long-range ballistic missiles , a new range of strategic bombers and new nuclear systems.
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"What is also clear is that the Kremlin is ripping up the international rule book, using its growing hybrid capabilities to subvert, undermine, and influence countries around the world," he said.
"Its cyber operations are active and brazen. It uses social media to muddy the waters and spread confusion. Last year Russia's military intelligence organisation directed the NotPetya ransomware activity, overwhelming systems in Ukraine from its power grid to its postal service and and causing hundreds of millions of pounds of damage to companies around the world including here in the UK."Williamson, who was speaking at Rolls-Royce in Bristol, added: "But Russia is capable of much more. It is already increasingly using proxies to undermine sovereign states. Its involvement in the Ukraine conflict has cost thousands of lives."
In Syria, he said, there is a humanitarian crisis in which Russia is using private military companies to reduce their liability.

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